Depression Awareness Month- Final Guest Post!

     Judy is my final guest poster for depression awareness month. She wrote such a great post, and was even willing to share her own story dealing with depression. I feel like this is what this month should really be about- knowing you are not alone. Depression is something that affects so many more people than you'd realize in your day to day life. 

     It wasn’t long after the passing of my paternal grandmother that I dealt with depression. I was devastated over the family loss, yes, but her passing was the icing on a cake that was already leaning sideways and about to crash to the table.

     I went to the doctor complaining of headaches with nausea, and a lack of sleep. I was obsessed with weight loss but had an inability to curb my eating. I was always irritable and felt socially inept – my moods could change in an instant. My doctor prescribed Zoloft, and I started to see a therapist. I got better over time, and learned how to manage certain people, and handle certain situations. I suffered from depression.

     I haven’t been on an anti-depressant in years, but I have been treated for some anxieties that I still suffer from today. There are so many nights when I need help falling asleep and I reach for the bottle of ZzzQuil because I lay in bed and worry. I worry about things I don’t worry about during the day – it’s awful. I get a fiery feeling in the pit of my stomach.  I also have a bit of social anxiety. I am terrified of meeting new people, even though when you meet me I’m outgoing. I have gotten very good at being outgoing when really I want to shy away from the intimidation of meeting someone and first impressions. I’m always worried that people don’t/won’t like me, or they are talking about me behind my back. I know in my rational brain that these things are silly, but that doesn’t make the feelings any less real.

     At the end of the day, despite all of this, I have always tried to maintain a half-glass-full outlook. Sometimes, that’s not possible – we all have those days, right?! But that played a factor in the Depression Awareness Month mani that I wanted to share with you!

     I did green, but with a splash of happy, bright glitter to remind me, and you, that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. That there are good days, too, that need to be cherished.

     I used China Glaze Cast a Spell for the whole mani, with Models Own Dancing Queen for accent fingers. (As a total side note, I am loving the Models Own Mirrorball Collection!)

     I have always lived my life by the philosophy that sharing one’s personal trials and tribulations means you’ll find someone else who needs your advice, or who can offer advice, but most importantly, someone who knows what you’re going through. After I started treatment for depression in 2002, I wrote one of my regular newspaper columns about my struggle, and I received so much support and so many letters from readers (back then, we used to get actual letters in the mail!) that I knew sharing and shedding light on depression was the right thing to do.

     So, thank you, Gia for bringing awareness to depression. Thank you for allowing me to share my story with you and your readers! I still know people in my life that suffer from depression – worse than I ever have – and those loved ones are always in my thoughts. XO

     Thank you so much to Judy. I have met Judy in real life and she is a doll. Even if I'd never met her face to face I would say that. She has helped me before and is an all around great person. Be sure to peek at her site- - she's filled it with so much great information and posts- you'll get hooked for sure! 


Did You Know?? Facebook's Not Showing You-

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Here is a post going around Facebook. I've chose to post about it since by posting it on my Facebook page, you may not see it.

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Guest Post: A Messy Green Manicure To Help Highlight Depression Awareness Some More

      Today I have another post focusing on National Depression Awareness Month. Brie, the writer and owner of Madame B Fatale- an Australian beauty and style blog/vlog that encourages unconventional styles. Enjoy!

     With this month being Depression Awareness Month. I knew immediately I wanted to do a guest post when Gia asked- but as it’s an illness that hits a bit too close to home, I find it rather hard to talk about. Not because I’m ashamed about my struggles with anxiety and depression (although I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t true at least some of the time), I do like to keep my private life separate and it’s just another thing that makes me feel even more uncomfortable. But that doesn’t mean I don’t talk about it, I do, with my family, friends and my doctor. You should too. So instead of agonizing over what to write about myself I chose to do a nail look with a green polish as it’s the colour associated with depression awareness month.

I purposely chose a messy splatter type look because what’s messier than emotions, right? 

     I started with a black base- Blackmail by Autralis, followed by a neon yellow- Citrus by Ulta 3 and then the green is In the Lime Light by China Glaze. For the ‘splatters’ I used a straw and a thin brush.
I finished off with a flakie type top coat from Autralis called Speck-tacular and I was done. 

     The great thing about a nail look like this is it’s meant to be messy so you can really go to town with it. Just make sure to clean up the edges after you have finished or alternatively tape around the edges first, but since I’m being honest I’m usually too lazy for that!

     For Aussies that are experiencing any depression or anxiety, you want to get information or to find out how to help out a family member or a friend please visit 

     Please check out Brie's site, A big thank you to Brie for sharing her feelings on such an emotional subject. Our hope by focusing on this during this month is to let others know that they are not alone in feeling down. No matter how bad things seem, there are people out there willing to help you. 

     If you'd like to share anything about your struggles, please feel free in the comments- you may help someone else as well. 

Quick Halloween Manicure- Color Club, Konading And A (Super Cute) Bonus Picture!

     The manicure I'm sharing today, is one I did on my daughter's nails a couple Halloweens ago- (before she became a -gasp- teen - back when she'd excitedly ask me to do her nails for her. She still asks me to from time to time, but she likes to do them herself a lot. *tear*).


     Unfortunately, the orange is a Color Club that came in a set at Ross- and those sets never have names. It's a neon (apparently, the camera I used back then didn't know what neons were), it's a creme, so it isn't Tangerine Scream from the Electro Candy Collection, and it is much more of a true orange than Amp'd Up.


     If you have any guesses on what polish this is- (even if you're not sure), please let me know- you can either leave a comment, tweet me (@bottlesofpolish) or share it on my facebook page. Thank you in advance!


     For the spiders, I used Wet N Wild Black Creme - the best black for stamping imo- it's super cheap, pigmented and doesn't stain like the Konad Black.


     I used China Glaze Millennium for the spiderweb stamp on the ring fingers and Art Deco Nail Art polish in Silver for the each spider's thread.


     Quick and easy, what do you think? Bundle Monster plate #13 for both the spiders and the web on the ring finger.

     Now, the bonus picture for those of you that stuck around ;) It's my daughter, taken over 3 years ago if I'm remembering correctly. I'm sure she'll love it if she looks at this post:

     Isn't it adorable?? (pssssst- I have an equally/ possibly cuter that I may have to share this month as well.) She insisted I do her nails that night even though she said she was SO tired. I still remember the color she picked, a super old Milani named Hummer. A green- perfect month for me to share this picture!! And yes, that is a caboodle- don't judge... I love old caboodles.

     Do you like old caboodles? Do you still have any? If so, how many and what colors? If not, did you ever, do you remember the color(s)? Did you have a favorite?

     If you've followed my site, you'll know I love old stuff and that I really do want to know about your likes/loves and even dislikes! If you haven't followed my site, now you know- so tell me your stories!

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