What I Am Doing Today and Alba's Papaya Enzyme Facial Mask :)

I've decided I'd enjoy blogging more if I added a little more about my life to this blog, so we'll see how it goes!

Last night I used the most awesome face mask ever. Seriously. I have tried all kinds of home remedies I've read online, lots of stuff from Sephora- Lotsssss of different stuff. So I was reading through the Makeup Alley Skin Care Board the other night and someone mentioned something by Alba. I am breakout prone and everything seems to dry me out and I felt like things were hopeless with my skin lately!

I stopped by Walgreens the other day looking at stuff for a miracle mask, knowing that wasn't going to happen. I saw this one by Alba called "Papaya Enzyme Facial Mask". I used it for about 15 minutes last night after washing my face with the Neutrogena Purifying Facial Cleanser. The mask burned around my nose a bit but I read in reviews it would do that. I rinsed it off and my face felt so smooth! That had been my biggest issue lately. I would recommend this mask to anyone!!! This is the first time I felt like I couldn't wait to use a mask again b/c it made my face look and feel so much better but really did NOT need to use it again yet because it did such a good job. No rubbing on my skin to exfoliate or anything - just rinsed and my face was so soft. Yay!

So today... I am going to be working on my picture taking. My first light box was a fail. My goal today is to make a new one and make it good... I hope I can! I am a bit of a perfectionist so of course I want to go buy the needed materials {my failed attempt was: 'I refuse to leave the house to buy one thing for this'} and I will show my results. I am going to do a bit more research on what kind of lights I need and can't wait to get it done! I want to be able to take a pic *anytime* I feel like it! Also, the lack of sun this winter was terrible for me so I need to find a remedy before this coming one!

Hopefully my next post will show amazing pics!!!! :)


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