Cosmoprof Day Three-

-was amazing. Sigh. The whole Cosmoprof experience was more than I could have ever expected and I would really like to thank all of the wonderful people I met over these days.

I would especially like to personally thank Krystal of Polish Galore for all she did to make so many things happen during these few days. Her planning and huge amount of hard work had to be overwhelming and I don't think any of us could thank her enough for all she did. All of her planning made this an experience to remember for a lifetime- it was a whirlwind of amazement. Thank you Krystal.

So for day 3:

Got up early, ate breakfast with my husband, then went to Cosmoprof again.

I stopped at as many booths as possible, unfortunately, it closed 2 hours earlier on the last day. Until around 12 I walked around on my own taking pictures. Then my feet started killing me and so I go to the press room, changed into flats and took off again with Kimmy of The Plastic Diaries. We hit the Fashion Show Mall, Sephora at The Venetain, Barney's at The Palazzo, Ross then ate at Battista's Hole In The Wall. I love eating at Battista's. Red & White wine, salad or soup, your meal and Cappuccino are all included in the price... the menus are on the walls, along with 100s (1000s?) of pictures of celebrities that have been there over the years.

This morning I attempted to sleep in without much luck, so I ate again with my husband and came back to the room to start organizing my mess since I haven't stopped since I landed in Las Vegas on Sunday.

Here are a few pictures of Day 2- a day that I have been trying to come up with a way to describe and just can not put in to words because it was just that... unreal- in the best way possible.

In upcoming posts I will begin to share all of the amazing products I saw at Cosmoprof North America 2011.

Deborah Lippmann and I (going on such little sleep and in such a rush- can't believe I'm showing this one! eek!)

The Kong Limo that Jesse of Jesse's Girl spoiled us with!

Inside the limo

the limo from the back came out blurry over and over, sorry!

Walking into Cosmoprof...

My next post will be an overview of the brands I loved at Cosmoprof so stay tuned!!!!!!!!


rmcandlelight (nailsbeautiqued) said...

This is great!! You look so cute :)

Polarbelle said...

You are gorgeous!

Gia said...

@Polarbelle Thanks! I'm trying to get over my dislike of pictures and in this one, I was wiped out so that makes it even worse! lol- thank you though!

@rmcandlelight It was such a great, super hectic yet amazing day and thank you!

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