My Jelly Sandwich

My nails have nothing on them as I type this. Since school has started for my kids, I have been busy doing things I didn't get done over the summer. I've gotten most of those errands that take a whole day from me done in the past couple weeks, so I can get back to what is really important- my nails- duh. ha.

So, since my nails are naked, I'll show you an old picture. I've heard a lot about 'jelly sandwiches' lately so I thought I'd show you one of mine before it had a name!

Back when I wasn't a big fan of glitter, I would always try to find a jelly like polish to go over the glitter to soften it a bit.

Deborah Lippmann Superstar started it for me. I wanted the glitter to be more suspended in the base so it wasn't as in your face blingy. Nfu Oh has come out with a line of jellies and they have made some brown ones so I will be ordering one soon so I can wear Superstar the way I had hoped it would be!

In this picture, I am wearing OPI Spark de Triomphe. While I love this glitter, I felt it was a bit too cool toned for me. I didn't feel like taking it off yet though because we all know what a pain it is to remove glitters, even if you make it as easy as possible! I'd also had the urge to do a half moon mani so I decided to do it with glitter!

For the red, I used The Face Shop RD302. I LOVE this jelly. It is so clear yet so red! The glitter still *totally* sparkles right through it!!!

This is the only picture I have of this manicure and it is definitely not a good picture. It looked better and more even in real life. I apologize. I loved this red so much that I still wanted to share.

Looking at this picture is really making me want to do another half moon mani. I've also been craving red so... now I need to decide what color the half moon should be. What color would you do the half moon with a red manicure?


Kimberly said...

What a pretty mani! I like the colors you have chosen. On Twitter, I recommended a black creme with red for a half moon.

Mel, Glassflecked. said...

omg LOVE a half moon jelly sandwich and that face shop just went on my want list... love it!

rmcandlelight (nailsbeautiqued) said...

Wow that's gorgeous!!! :D

All The Pretty Polish said...

I love how you did both a half moon and a jelly sandwich! It looks great :D

lovelessarcana said...

I would add a deep blue. Or if around the holidays, I would love this look with a bright green. Love this look as well though. ^_^

Bárbara ^^, said...

Great great blog! Amazing nails!
I'm super following!

Fingers said...

Am so loving this mani! I just found your blog and really like it! Am a new followers,

Gia said...

Hey girls, Thanks for all the comments!

Kimberly, I will definitely do the black and red the next time I get the craving for a half moon mani.

Mel, Thanks so much! I really love the combo and this Face Shop polish!

Thanks so much RM. :)

All The Pretty Polish: Thanks. I don't know what gave me the idea but I am glad I had it!

Loveless: I actually just tried to get a deep blue polish like this red one but wasn't able too, if I ever find it, I will try it!

Barbra, Thanks so much for the compliments and the follow!

Fingers, thank you for the follow too! :)

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