The Easy, Cheap, Fast Way I Decorated For The Holidays!

I had Thanksgiving dinner at my house this year for my family and my husband's family.

I don't normally decorate in a 'holiday' style except for during Christmas but I wanted to do something to add a little something more to the house for my company.

A girlfriend of mine decorates for every holiday. She gave me an idea and I ran with it!

She told me to take 3 of my white glass pieces (I have a lot) and make a center piece. That got my mind rolling because I am not a naturally crafty person. I do love to decorate though!

Here is what I came up with first (I realize that since I resized my blog, these pictures are too big and I will fix them soon)

The candles really are red though.

With the candles lit:

I went to Dollar Tree and bought 2 bags of potpourri. I went to 3 Dollar Trees (& 10 other stores) before I finally found some floating candles- at a DT! Any other time I'd see them everywhere!

The potpourri looked kinda boring. I was wondering to myself if I had gold glitter anywhere when I remembered that I bought some of the gold glitter spray for your hair after halloween for 75% off at Walmart!

Newspaper, dump potpourri, shake the can and spray (short bursts), move the potpourri around, spray some more and tada! Expensive looking potpourri for 2.75! Sorry for the quality of this picture- taken on my phone.

Then I ended up getting 2 more bags of potpourri, did the same thing with the glitter. I also grabbed some reindeer moss. When I did, I had no idea what I was getting it for yet and had never even heard of it. I'm so glad I did because look:

I didn't go out an buy this white glass just for this, I've been collecting it from thrift shops for a few years. I love it and I love thrift shops too. If you like the look of this, look at thrift shops. I bet you'll find some- cheap too! Or put your own spin on it- just find some bowls or vases you have in your house and make it work- get the brown potpourri instead of the red- whatever you like!

I had a little bit extra potpourri left over. I realized I had a deviled egg plate, stuck a candle in the middle & dumped the extra around it. Totally a last minute thought.

I used candles I already had from White Barn but candles from anywhere would work just as well. I actually almost bought one from the Dollar Tree when I was having such a hard time finding floating candles and was going to use that in the first picture I showed you.

I hope this post has inspired you to come up with something pretty on the cheap for the holidays! Please tell me what you think of this post!

Thanks for reading!


MariJo said...

This came out really nice!

Sabine said...

That looks nice! Wish I was skilled when it comes to decorations...

Gia said...

Thanks! The pictures really don't show the true beauty though I tried!

Gia said...

This required no skill, hah. I was just trying to think of a way to use these pieces- and the 4 piece one had candle holders in it that I wanted to hide and the potpourri did that. :)

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