Update Time!

I have bunches of Lynnderella polishes to show you very soon, yay!

A year ago (or maybe less and all the time before that), I would have NEVER believed that I'd wear glitter polishes. I just didn't like them- I really don't know what changed in me but I am sure you will be happy it did!

The only way I'd wear a glitter then was with a super jelly polish over it. Like the one I have on here with the Barielle on top of DL Happy Birthday. Another beautiful combo I did was China Glaze Mrs. Clause with Deborah Lippmann I Want Candy on top. I will try and do that one again soon to show you. :)

I have planned a tutorial on applying the big glitters in a way that makes them lay right. (I think) I've even found a way to get them out of the bottle. I am going try the same technique on few more polishes to make sure it was not just a fluke before I tell you- I don't want to give inaccurate advice! :)

After a lot of thought, I've decided I am going to post about things besides polish as well... real life stuff and I hope you enjoy it! I was going back and forth about starting a new site for those posts and realized that at this point, I'd truly like to keep it all here and see how it goes. If it gets to be too much for, I will either put it on a separate page or start a second site. We all have a home life too.

By adding in more topics, I can stay in touch, even when life won't let me relax long enough to do my nails every day- or even every 3 days! I will give more details about post ideas in an upcoming post. You may even find something new to like or we may learn things from each other! :)

Thank you so much for continuing to follow me, it really means a lot.


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