Sally Hansen Valentine's Day Salon Effects Review

     I love Valentine's Day- mainly because it's girly. To be fair, I love most anything girly. So, I was super excited to see the Valentine's Day Salon Effects.

     In case you haven't seen them yet, they have them on Ulta's site. I was at both of the Ulta's in my area yesterday and didn't see them yet but I know that they have been spotted at CVS and I did notice that they were doing a lot of product moving at Ulta so they could be out near you now!

     I had so many compliments on them over the past few days as well and lots of questions about them. 'Are those those stickers?' and I'd reply, 'Yes, kinda- but they are not stickers, they are real polish and they will not peel off like stickers.' and yesterday I had to share how excited I was that I'd had them on since Friday, cleaning all they way through and they still looked perfect!

     I'm wearing Love Always, -which I love.

Products used:
OPI Chip Skip
1 ct of Borghese Hydrati base coat (not sure what I think of this yet, I'll let you know, I thought I'd try it because my nails seem dry lately)
1 coat of Gelous
Sally Hansen Salon Effects
another coat of Gelous (because the lace salon effects kinda ate top coat)
Seche Vite.

     They are still so shiny! You don't have to go through all these steps though I do because I feel that it does give the best finished appearance.

     It's Wednesday evening, I have been cleaning pretty much non-stop since I put these on, and they are still perfect except for my nails growing out because they grow so fast, though that isn't really noticeable in real life. Look!

     My hands are a bit of a mess right now. I haven't had time to do anything with my nails since I put these on. (I have been wearing gloves while cleaning though and you should too! With lotion!;) I am so happy they are holding up like they are. These are the perfect thing to wear when you know you won't have time to do your nails for a while.

     I haven't tried the glitter ones so I can't say if they last as well as these but every set I have used have lasted until I went to take them off.

     The fact that this set has words on it made it a tiny bit more difficult for me to use one pack for both hands- my hands are quite small so normally there it's no problem for me. This time though I couldn't use the rounded side of each, I had to use where I cut them at the base of some nails so that I the words would all be facing the right direction.

     If you have longer nails you probably will need to use both packs- but when they last this well and look this cute, they are totally worth it! :)

     I love these for so many reasons. I may put on another pair when I take these off since I have been focusing on deep cleaning every room in my house lately and haven't been making time for my nails like normal. It feels great though and will give me even more time to focus on them when I'm finished!

     What do you think of the Valentine Day collection? Have you tried any of the Salon Effects before? Are they a yay or nay for you?


CharmedLindsay said...

These are so cute, I need to find them!! :D

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