Jessica Bridal Collection With Sally Hansen and Cult Nails Layering Ideas

Chanel dupes, from what I hear- w/ a price tag almost 75% lower.

First off, I wanted to start with Love Story. The formula of this one reminded me of one of my Chanel polishes, Mimosa. Before I realized that these were dupes of the Chanel April, May, June collection, I actually wrote that this polish had a different formula than any brand I could think of. Once I heard about Chanel, I immediately thought of Mimosa. The formula of this polish, along with Rolling Rose and Born 2 Pansy from the Heavy Petal collection, seem very similar to Mimosa.

I can't pull off peach polishes. I had hope for this one and it is the closest I've come to be able to pull one off but it still didn't work for me. If you have a problem with peaches, you may want to look into this one though!

This is 3 coats.

Here it is with one coat of Cult Nails Captivated. I love this polish and haven't wore it since last year in Las Vegas when Maria of Cult Nails put it on me before some shopping over the mani I had on, China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy. After that, as soon as it was re-released, I knew I wanted a bottle!

Next up is Flirtation. I really love this pink. It stands out from other pinks I have. I will have to look to see if I have something similar but I can't think of anything at this moment. It has a bit of mauve to it without being purple at all. The formula on this one was nicer than Love Story, but honestly, I can't think of a peach I've tried that had a great formula. If I recall correctly, I did 2 coats for both this and WHATEVER RED

Here it is with one coat of Sally Hansen Princess Cut:

I love this top coat. It's a flakie but in a different way from a lot of other flakies because the flakes are all white(ish). It makes some polishes you put it over a bit more pink. I was surprised when it didn't seem to do that to this one and I still can't figure out why!

Lastly I have Desire I can totally see myself wearing it, but more in the fall. I love it with my skin tone and can't think of another polish I have like it but again, I plan on going through my stash to see. Great formula on this one also, it seemed to go on a bit sheer near the bottom of my nails on the first coat and thick at the tip but the second coat made it beautifully.

On this one I added one coat of Sally Hansen Aisle Be There. It feels like a glass fleck but much different than a China Glaze glass fleck polish. Almost a mix of a glass fleck and a flakie. What finish category would you put this top coat in? I tried and tried but couldn't really capture the beauty of this combination. I saw so many beautiful colors in this.

Over all I love both Flirtation and Desire. I also LOVE Aisle Be There over.

The formula on the peach (more of a dreamcicle color) wasn't as nice as the other 2 but wasn't the worst formula I've ever worked with and overall, these are amazing polishes at a great price. You can order them directly from the Jessica website. I have another Jessica collection posting very soon but if you order before you see that post, I highly recommend Monarch too!

I hope you enjoyed the layering combos I added into this post, it is something I plan on doing more- I really enjoyed sitting with my collection coming up with polishes to try over colors I planned on trying on anyway!

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