My Only Doticure: China Glaze Tronica and OPI DS Dazzle

Back when "doticures" all the rage (not sure if it still is- is it?) I kept saying how there's no way I had the patience to attempt one. One day I finally attempted one, no idea why. Boredom maybe?

I also don't remember if an accent nail was:
my starting plan,
because I lost patience,
because I felt like I wouldn't be able to acheive a dot pattern I was happy with on every nail. There's a good chance by the time I was happy with them, I would've covered all of every nail in dots trying to make them all 'flow' with each other- I have a perfectionism issue to a fault.

If I had to guess one why I only did one nail, my guess would be option #2- it took way too long and I lost patience.

The only picture I had of this mani, so it will have to do (my nails really were *not* all diff shapes, for real)!

I started with China Glaze Hyper Haute on all nails.
For the dots, Laser Lime, High Def, Gamer Glam and Techno Teal.
I got bored with it and added OPI DS Dazzle to the other nails. I don't normally go this overboard with a manicure, I don't know what happened here. Lol.

It may look like Dazzle is way shinier than my HH but in real life, they were all Seche Vite shiny ;) just the beauty of OPI DS Dazzle coming through! It is one of my favorite polishes and I wish it was part of the core collection.

Has anyone notices any of the Tronica polishes looking more holographic than others? I pulled out Hyper Haute and Electric Magenta to make sure I was naming the right polish and Electric Magenta looks like it has a lot more holographic particles than Hyper Haute which seems to have none. I really hope I don't find out that there were duds in this collection, especially considering how limited it was.

Let me know if you have both of these how they compare to each other and I will take pictures of mine and post them soon, there's not enough sun left for me to take them tonight.

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