Quick Sneak Peak At Next Week's Way Back Wednesday And My First Giveaway!

This is a quick phone picture I took the minute I got to my car from finding this.

I can't wait to show you what is inside manicure box!

Can you guess the year it's from?
Start guessing in the comments section. 

The closest guess will be my first giveaway winner!
All the details of the giveaway will be in tomorrow's WBW post and next week's Way Back Wednesday will show what is inside, tell you all about it and reveal the winner!

See you tomorrow! 


Cuti-CLUE-les said...

It looks kind of vintage. It's very pretty! I haven't a clue but maybe from the 40's?
I'm probably really off haha

rmcandlelight (nailsbeautiqued) said...

Hey girl, maybe old nail polish from chanel. Lol! :)

starification said...

I'm gonna go with 1975

Gia said...

Thank you all! Your comments will count in the giveaway, but if you could try and pick an exact year, that would be great, thank you!

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