Cult Nails Awakening & Hypnotize Me

I love this combo. In my opinion, Hypnotize Me is what the blue version of Revlon Streetwear FX Flash should have been. It is amazing. I love the tiny glitter and all the colors you see depending on the lighting you are in. 

First, here is Awakening alone. The 1st coat went on differently than other formulas I can think of but the 2nd coat made everything perfect! This picture was taken in the late afternoon in sun.

Then I added a coat (it could have been 2, I don't remember, sorry!) of Hypnotize Me. I love this. Depending on the light you are in, you will see colors ranging from navy to royal blue to teal to green -and maybe more. 

I don't think I had to use more than one coat of Seche Vite to make this smooth.

I haven't tried this polish over black yet but I have found that I usually prefer to layer polishes over a dark version of one of the main colors in the polish. 

For example, to me, the beauty of  Sally Hansen Turquoise Opal really shines over something like Cult Nails Awakening or Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal compared to over black- When I had only tried it over black not seeing the hype, I actually gave away my full bottle and on kept a partial bottle for myself. I'm so happy I still have some, because I would be kicking myself for getting rid of it after seeing it over a dark teal!

Both of these polishes came out last year but are both still available on the Cult Nails site.

What do you think of this polish? My recommendation to you would be- if you ever wished you had the vhtf Streetwear FX Flash blue, this is *the* polish to get -like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, this is what that only wished it was. You will be more than pleased. 

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Phyrra said...

My favorite nail combo right now is Cult Nails Nevermore with Hypnotize Me on top. Love!

Mel, Glassflecked. said...

such a gorgeous combo!

Eugenia said...

VERY pretty!

Mina Slater said...

I love this combo, the glitter effect is gorgeous!

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