Layla Flash Black and OPI My Private Jet Holographic

     I love holographic polishes. I like linear holographic polishes more than scattered holos- in other words, the more rainbow you can see and the brighter that rainbow is, the more I like it.

     I know that there are plenty of swatches of Layla's Flash Black around. So I decided in addition to my swatches, I'd compare it to (what's usually referred to as the best version of) My Private Jet by OPI as well for you!

     With the Layla Holographic polishes, you don't need to use a base coat and they have made a file you can buy separately, to buff your nails before application. I don't have strong nails, so I prefer not to buff them. I used the Jessica holographic base coat instead. I wish Jessica would make the base a core product- because I love it!

In the pictures, there are two coats of Flash Black over the Jessica base.

I did not use top coat on either polish.

Every top coat I've tried dulls the holo in my opinion.

I know some people add a top coat, then another coat of the holographic polish they are using, to try to make their manicure last longer but that still dulled the holo, at least to me, so if I include this step, I use another coat of the base coat in place of the top coat. I didn't do that here, that's just a tip if you have tried sandwiching and still noticed the difference.

I took so many pictures of this polish, I won't add them all though. You would get bored, I promise- it was really that many.

I realize the picture above gets a bit blurry but my nails look like they are on fire, so I had to share it! ;)

Here's 2 coats of MPJ holo over Flash Black on my index nail, with the others still the same.

While My Private Jet is darker, and very holo, Flash Black blows it away to me. While I'm not sure I was able to fully capture the holo of MPJ, I do think I was still able to give a good idea of the differences. 

This was easily the most holographic picture I got of My Private Jet and while it seemed like it wasn't letting any of the holo from Layla through, I can't be sure. 

Since I can't seem to stop myself throwing in some odd angled, terrible looking picture to just about every post, here it is! ;)

So which do you prefer? 
Do you have both of these polishes? 
If not, did this make you want My Private Jet more or quell your thirst for it? 
Do you like linear or scattered holos more?

Share your thoughts and answers in the comments, and thanks so much for looking!!


kelliegonzo said...

great comparison!

ahhhdri said...

ohhhhhh, Layla has been added to my lemming list...

Kimberly Purcell said...

What's a word beyond gorgeous? That's what this is!!!

Gia said...

@Kellie -thanks!!! I try to be useful sometimes ;D

@ahhhdri -It would be my top pick of any of the Layla Holos!

@Kimberly -I have the same problem coming up with words to describe things when they are so awesome that it makes all other words seem over used! lol ;)

MarciaF said...

I have My Private Jet and I think that it was so "hot" because it was new and one of a kind. Now there are others that make it not so special.
I've only tried one of Layla's Holos and I was so disappointed. I've since learned not to use a base coat and maybe I shouldn't be using a top coat either but I need my nails to last a week.
I think the Layla looks gorgeous in the black.

Willa Dodge said...

Layla seems to blow MPJ out of the water. I've resisted trying Layla because of the price but maybe I should give it a chance!

Becca Bruning said...

I, personally, enjoy MPJ. Its dark enough that, from a distance, appears black, however, up close it has a slight holo effect. Its perfect for a night out with out being too overt. (The Flash Back is still stunning though.)

bottlesofpolish said...

Thanks! I hoped there would be some that would appreciate it- even though they are not really alike, I thought it was something that couldn't hurt to be shown!

bottlesofpolish said...

Wait til you see the other dark Layla holos- and I will be showing them asap- they are what I've been waiting for!

bottlesofpolish said...

I ask myself that kind of question all the time! I'm glad I'm not the only one!!! ;)

bottlesofpolish said...

I just realized I replied to all of you twice- oh well- I'll leave them all up- see how special you are??? XD

bottlesofpolish said...

I think that they really are 2 different creatures. For lasting power, My Private Jet would obviously take the cake. Accessibility is a different story and Layla easily wins out there. When I wear I holo, I wear it knowing it will not last the way a normal polish will and plan for it. It does cause me to not wear them as often though.

bottlesofpolish said...

I understand the price factor. Polish does last longer than most things we spend more on though and with the unique factor a splurge on one could possibly be justified! You may want to wait until I show the other 2 dark holos I just received before picking which on to splurge on though (if you haven't jumped already!)

bottlesofpolish said...

They really are both fantastic. While I love My Private Jet and it was actually one of (if not the) first online purchase I made for a polish (I got it when it was still at a decent price luckily- years ago now) I've come to learn that most of the time I prefer the look of the extremely linear holo- but I do like that iirc, the holo isn't dulled too much when you add a top coat to the OPIs like My Private Jet holo compared to the much more linear ones like the Layla's. I will text that shortly and edit this if I'm wrong!

Sparkle Core said...

That settles it! I'm getting some flash black!

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