More On Indie Polish Brands, Please Save Other People Money

In my last post, I wrote about the hard work of my friend Jen. She has been keeping up on the indie polish brands as she's found them and compiled them into a huge list that you can find here: XOXO-Jen's Indie Polish Shops list.

I finally decided to edit out a couple things- to play it safe- to stay as far away from the drama as possible.

The thing is, for anyone that knows me or might have even gathered from my site, I hate to waste money. I know what you are thinking- duh- everyone does. That may be true- but why wouldn't I use this platform I have available to me to try and prevent myself, or my readers from wasting their money?

This morning, I read a post that will surely go viral in the polish world here

In this well written post, she brought up something very important. I thought for a fleeting moment while writing my last post, how do I know if these brands are worth buying?

After reading the post I linked above, it made me realize that when I edited my post, I was only hurting myself and my readers by taking out one of the questions.

I asked if you had tried any indie polish brands and which were your favorites (which I still would love to know as well) but took out this:

Which indie brands have you tried that you wouldn't reccomend to others?

I'm looking for issues with quality, problems not getting orders, ect.

Please use this post as an opportunity to help others out in making decisions on what indie brands to purchase by sharing your experiences  here. Feel free to share any opinions you'd like on this subject here as well. 


Debbie Crumpet said...

I've had a very bad experience with VICTORIANA - polishes didn't arrive, no replies to 5 separate emails, and now the Etsy shop is closed and i am out $80 ...... she was my first bad apple, and it's made me MUCH warier x

bottlesofpolish said...

$80! ugh. I can't imagine. I would be so upset! I get upset when I waste $2! Even though she's closed shop now, this is exactly why I chose to do this post.

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