My Favorite Lip Products Ever!

(Side note: I know I didn't write the normal "I Can't Live Without" or "I Need" phrases- I just couldn't do it- we all know we're blessed to have the things we do and could live fine with less. We know they are not needs, just wants. When I know there are so many people suffering, I can't bring myself to say those kinds of phrases and I had to say it!) 

Can I tell you a little secret? I have as much make up as I do nail polish. Really. It was my first love. ;)

I don't know why I waited so long to share this love here. I do know it has been long enough!

My lips are quite pigmented. They are often dry. Considering some lip products are drying, this can be a bad combination! Here's a list of my top favorite lippies - I hope you will share some of yours with me! Enjoy!

I'm backwards and going to go from left to right- just pretend you're reading manga, k?

~Dry lips and very pigmented lipsticks do not go well together. Even with exfoliating, when I wear a pigmented lipstick, you can bet that either Aquafina lipbalm like the one above will be going on before I even attempt to apply which ever pretty problem child I picked for that day. I like the Sugar when I'm going bare, or Sugar Plum when I'm bare but want a hint of color. I do find that if I use either the Aquafina or Sugar too often for too many days in a row, my lips will start to feel like my hands did when I was a kid and sat in the tub too long.

~Nars lipsticks are hands down my favorite brand. I have tried so many but these are so great that I suck up the price tag and get them. At $24 a pop, it's steep, but I finally decided that while I could buy a bunch of cheaper ones that price, it's much more useful to have ones you know you will reach for time and again- so often in fact, that I can see myself using them completely and having to repurchase (any makeup heads out there know this is rare for a makeup head)! My top 2: Fast Ride- a sheer totally buildable color that is every bit of amazing (though if you are going to try it in the summer, 1 light swipe is enough) and Dolce Vita. I really like Damage- and Afgan Red is the closest thing to a red I have found that I can rock.

~I don't do the super glossy look as much as I did when my cosmetics romance really blossomed. Juicy Tubes Smoothies are usually nice, it just depends on the color. For the wettest look possible, Too Faced Mirror Mirror Lip Glosses win hands down in my book. (Not pictured, afterthought, sorry!) Since I'm all about sheer darker lippies (they make my blue eyes pop) Envy Me is my favorite and the clear one is great for any time you want a juicy look. They may be a little sticky but for if you are wanting the wettest look with the most shine, these are the way to go.

~The Lip Fusion InFATuation is great if only because it is a well made pigments gloss. I have the red also and was shocked when I first put it on!

~MAC Jealous. I bought 3 back ups- only a few items do I have back ups of, so that's crazy. Nude lips are not easy when you have pigmented lips. This gloss tones them down - for hours and hours. I will look in the mirror hours after applying- even when the glossiness is gone and my lips will still look a soft pink compared to purple-y red.

~Too Faced Glamour Gloss. This one is similar to MAC Jealous though not quite as good at softening the red. The MAC does this through the green color of the gloss. It also gives a bit of a cooling sensation when you apply it but not nearly as much as the Buxom Glosses!

~Lip Fusion XL. My favorite treatment. I showed the Lip Fusion Duo because it is what I am using right now instead of a full size. This is another product I have back ups of. I love this. While it may not give my thin lipped self Angelina Jolie's lips, if I use it a few nights (that's when it's meant to be used) in a row, my lips look so much nicer. It does a great job at decreasing visible lines in my lips. I'm not positive that it actually plumps my lips, but by making the lines go away, they definitely look more plump.

So there they are! What are your favorite lip products? Even if you are a nail head, I bet you still have 1 or 2! Have you tried any of my favorites? What did you think of them?

Thanks for reading and I *love* comments!


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