VesraSpa Spray Tan Overview, Thoughts, Opinions & Review

**This is a long post. I separated it into different parts, so feel free to scroll down and read what you're interested in.** 

**If you found this post trying to find info/reviews on the VersaSpa Spray Tan, from someone not affiliated with them, I've tried to include everything I found through my research- from a detailed overview, to others opinions on it and my own thoughts as I did it. If you have any other questions for me, please ask in the comments.** 

**Even if you don't read this or only read part, let me know in the comments what your favorite tanner is and if there are any you've hated!**     

First, a little rambling (I do ramble sometimes) about local deal emails. Though I've only bought one, I love them. More and more often over the past year or 2, I've found myself checking my email each morning to see what local deals are available.

     The reason I've only bought one- most of the ones I would click 'Buy Now' on in the blink of an eye, end up being too far from me to be of use. 45 minutes away for a great deal on 2 tans? Not worth it.

     One I bought as soon as I saw it even though it was 40 minutes from my house. 6 laser treatments for $99 dollars. I am writing a post about that now, giving my thoughts, opinions, and what to know before you go, so keep a look out for it.

     There have been others I contemplated on a bit more before deciding against them. The one I remember the most was a few weeks ago. I was super excited when I saw a spa offering a facial and a full body wrap for $25!
In my head, I pictured myself like this, waiting for my facial ^.^

     Just for the relaxation factor alone, it sounded great, cheap and the facial didn't seem to contain any products that would break me out (unlike the dermalogica facial I got a few years ago...). I recognized the town and I knew it wasn't close, but I wasn't sure how not close it was. So I mapquested. 1 hour and 1 minute each way. I decided that 2 hours of driving would have taken away the relaxing part of it. I closed the site, told a friend how awesome that would've been and tried to forget about it. I've been hoping a place closer would copy them, like so many did with the laser treatments, but no luck yet.

     The deal above did get me to start looking for similar deals closer to me when I see something I'm interested in.
     Most of the time I come up empty handed.
     Today I didn't!

Deciding To Try Spray Tanning Again

     This morning, I saw a deal for 3 VersaSpa Spray Tans for $35. {Let me make one thing very clear- I did this for myself only and have no affiliation with anyone involved with VersaSpa. When I was researching this morning, I could not find a lot of unbiased information anywhere other than forums, so I wanted to put a detailed review out where it would be easy for others to come across.} As much time as I've spent lately trying to self tan only to be unhappy because I ended up orange or did all the work only to see no result, or both, too orange and the bottom half of my legs still super white even if I doubled the amount of tanner on them, I was ready to try something else.

     I remember doing a Mystic Tan years ago and not loving the result, too orange if I recall correctly. I'm half italian and have light olive skin. The only self tanner I've found so far that didn't look too orange is the St. Tropez bronzing mousse & between the prepping and the application, it was a lot of work and I woke up to skin that *no one* would have thought I used a tanner on and if I'd told them I had, they'd have thought I was lying.

     One part of the description in the deal email that caught my eye: "Choose from a range of shades". That's when I started researching- from my phone btw- much slower than researching on a computer, even if you have wifi, 4 windows you can open at once ect. I wanted to see if others opinions, expeirences, if they thought it was any different/better than a mystic tan, and if so, how.

     After googling for a while and finding people talking about it in a couple different forums (my favorite places to read when researching because in my opinion, that's where people are most honest and if people are just trying to pimp something, they are usually called out on it), I'd come to the conclusion that most people liked it more than Mystic Tan.

     I also found out that some tanning salons with the Mystic Tan will switch from using Mystic Tan's solutions, to cheaper solutions and that may be a cause of some people having an issue with their tans fading very splotchy or even peeling of in a scaly way. I didn't read this about Versa Spa yet, but you can bet if I end up liking the Versa Spa tan, when I call a place to inquire about it, I will be asking if they use the Versa Spa Solution or not.

     This took me to trying to find a place close, with a decent price. I saw some people mentioning in forums that prices can widely vary. The place I found had a BOGOF for $15 for your first 2 tans, then $15 per tan after. Some mentioned prices as high as 2/$75 but after looking found one at 3/$39, so if you choose to try this, shop around. From my phone, the Versa Spa site's find a location link did not work. I just tried it while typing this and it works from my home computer.

Overview of the VersaSpa System

     My understanding from my reading before going to the salon was that there were 3 steps sprayed on you, one after the other.

     1) The Prep: according to the VersaSpa site: "a pre-sunless pH balancing treatment" I had thought this one was sprayed on as well, and it may be at some salons, though the one I went to, it was a packet you bought separately, applied like you would any tanning lotion and was also called an intensifier.

     2) The Spray Tan solution. Some salons offer a choice of a Bronze solution or a Clear solution, some only offer one or the other.

     3) Moisturizer: Their words: "a post-sunless super hydrating-treatment"

     You stand in four different positions, where I did mine, the lady got in the machine, and showed me exactly what to do, but there was also a poster on the wall that you could see from the booth and there is no door on the booth.

     There are three levels of color, 1, 2 and 3 with 1 being the lightest.

Before the Spray and What I Used

     I chose to buy the intensifier, it was $5 but the girl said there would be enough in the packet to use 2-3 times. I think that would depend on your size. I am pretty small and while I'm pretty sure I will get 2 uses out of it, I'm not sure about 3.

     Once the lady left the room, I undressed and used the lotion all over including on my face. It seemed to go on pretty well and I didn't feel like I needed to reapply anywhere. I'm not positive it's needed, though I did read in a forum that the company told a salon owner that they would rather someone pick step one over step three if they were going to choose between them.

     You use a hair net over your hair and the girl said to put it slightly past your hairline, which I did. I definitely won't go far past my hairline again if at all because I did see one tiny spot in the mirror that wasn't tan though I'm sure no one else will see it.

     I chose to use the level 2 in clear. I chose clear for 3 reasons - I didn't want to walk around all day with some tinted color I didn't like, I didn't want it to rub off on my clothes and by choosing clear, I could watch the tan develop, giving me the opportunity to hop in the shower quickly if I felt it was getting too dark.

During The Spray

     I got in the machine, put my hand over the motion sensor to start it and it started telling me what to do. Even with the open design, it's hard not to breathe the stuff in, though it wasn't too bad.

     It tells you to get in position one. The girl that showed me told me to kind of put your hands in a claw like position for the first spray. Then it sprays you and kind of blows the spray at you, which is what makes it a bit hard to not breathe it in.

     Position 2 & 3: In one of the forums, some one referred to this position as a King Tut position, and that is a great way to describe it. I did feel like it went a little fast and that I didn't put my hand that was supposed to be going back, back far enough, and that it might have blocked the side of my thighs from getting sprayed properly.

     Postion 4 is your back side, easy.

     Then you stay in position 4 and the sprayers blow dry you. They go up and back down or the other way around, tell you to turn around and does the same thing to the front.

     At the salon I went to, it automatically came with the post moisturizer. I heard the machine talk to me some more and started getting out of the machine, thinking it was telling me I was finished. Then I listened in my head to what it said and it said to stay in the same place and use the motion sensor again to being part 2, so I got back in really quick and started round 2!

     Part 2 went exactly like part 1, though the drying felt a bit colder the second time around - not incredibly pleasant, though better than getting out wet!

     The moisturizer felt nice, I loved that is was sprayed on and I didn't have to apply it! I believe they say it will help your tan last longer, I'm not sure though. If it's an added costs after my initial 2 tans, my decision to get it will be based on how much it is.

My Thoughts and Opinions So Far

     I believe they say wait 4 to 6 hours for the tan to develop before showering. It is close to 9 hours for me now. If it had stopped developing at 6 hours, I would not have been happy with the level 2 and I can't imagine how unhappy I would've been if I'd picked level 1.

     Now, I am pretty happy with what I see.

     I think your level choice would depend on your own coloring.

     I can get dark fast with real tanning, so I don't feel like I look bad dark. The tops of my arms, which are always darker than the rest of me, are darker than me this time after tanning edit- after showering, even though I chose the clear option, some color came off of my arms making them only slightly darker than the rest of me, looking natural. If my back/stomach and waist were as dark as my arms are now, edit- they are pretty much the same after showering.

     NO orange. I love that. I read that the formula is made with beets somehow which helps give the different color though I have no details on that.

     I hope this detailed post helps others! I will update on how I feel as the days go on.

     Have you done VersaSpa tanning before? Did you like it? Do you tan or embrace your natural color? If you do tan, what do you use?

*I have no affilation with this company and purchased any products mentioned with my own money and these are my honest opinions.*

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Melissa said...

I just got finished with a month of Versa. I LOVED it. I'm pale, like PALE PALE, not I'm not as dark as I wish, but look how white my legs are! I started out getting Level 1 because it was just a hint of color. It looked great. After a few tans, I decided to go to Medium. It looked amazing! I could still use my foundation, but not my powder (as it made me look pale). If I do it again next summer, I would definitely buy the intensifier. Why? Sometimes my feet wouldn't evenly tan. Also, it helps the spray stick to your skin and it makes it blend well.

MeganYoung said...

A lot of experts in facelift sydney clinics would claim that making your skin tan can actually make you look younger.

Ross Taylor said...

I’m truly enjoying the design and layout of your blog. It’s a very easy on the eyes which makes it much more enjoyable for me to come here and visit more often. Did you hire out a designer to create your theme? Fantastic work!Spray Tan in NYC

Mindy said...

Like Melissa I'm super white so I also went with level 1. I was going to Las Vegas and needed some color since I live in Washington and sun isn't a huge fan of us! I got it done two days before we left just in case something went terribly wrong, but nobody even knew it was a fake tan. I received complements from coworkers, family and friends on my darker image. I didn’t look even a little bit orange which I hear happens with Mystic. Versa is the way to go if you want to go sunless. My friend that went to Vegas with me got hers professionally applied but was super orange in random spots so I’ll stick with Versa!

Jenny said...

I have just got versa done for an important birthday suprise bash and i had never used versa before but have used bottled tans and normal spray tans that i think have been more expensive than versa is. Im a very pale person like super pale im the female milky bar woman and i am also a dancer so thats why im used to tanning so much but never use tanning beds, i heard of the good reviews about versa and after using it at £15 a session i cant go wrong ive loved using it and would continue using it from now on

Tikisha Fagbemi said...

I never felt so beautiful in my life, I wish I would have knew about it in high school, I've would have tried cheer leading.

Kate said...

Hi Jenny - what colour did you go for? Light?

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