China Glaze Ahoy Swatch And Review

Here's another quick NOTD.

I love this polish. These are not the best pictures of it and not up to my standards, but I am beginning to think my standards are a *bit* too high.

When I first got it, I said it looked like China Glaze Stroll and Strawberry Fields had a love child.

I still totally feel that way. I did use 3 coats and if I recall correctly the formula was a little thick but the end result was totally worth it.

Do you have this polish? What do you think of it? What is your favorite China Glaze polish? I'll share mine in an upcoming post, so make sure to share yours!


The Crafty Angel said...

So so pretty on you! I snagged this one and love it! Gosh picking a favorite CG....I think I have to say Snowglobe--I love collecting snowglobes and this is just makes any mani magical! But really I love so many of them (Fairy dust is another fave).

bottlesofpolish said...

It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere is my favorite I think. I

lusted after it for more than a year before a very sweet person sent it to me- I had no idea she was going to send it- and it came on the best day it could have ever come on.

I had just gotten back from taking my Great Aunt with me to try to talk to my Grandpa about going into something like an assisted living facility, and at the time he was suffering from oxygen deprivation and nothing he was saying was making sense- but he was very serious and would get mad when we tried to tell him anything.

He is doing SO much better now and his situation is much better but that was a rough day and I'll never forget her random act of kindness. <3

The Crafty Angel said...

*Giant hugs* I'm glad he is better. What a lovely thing for your friend to do for you! I love days like that, where I am the recipient or the giver of RAOK. In fact, I had that happen today, and it did make my day better. xoxo

bottlesofpolish said...

That's great! Lucky girl!

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