Cosmoprof 2012 Starts Sunday & I'll Be There! So-

Keep your eyes here, I will be posting as much as I can from the floor, on here, on my Twitter page and on my Facebook page! Every night I will do some sort of recap here with my big posts coming in the days following the show!

I will be finding out as much information and taking as many pictures as I can of what's coming out from all the polish brands. I also have some non polish related but amazing products I can't wait to see and share with you this year and I am so ready!

The one I am most excited about I don't want to say yet but it is so awesome and I really hope it works for me!! (Both Curly haired girls and straight haired girls will love what I'm talking about I hope!!)

Here's a few pictures from Cosmoprof last year to hold you over for now (a couple repeats and some new) ;)

I'm the one right next to the sign, with the white top with bows on it (love bows!), walking with Melissa from  The Daily Nail (black dress) and Kimmi from The Plastic Diaries and The Styleless Diaries  (yellow and white bag a step in front)

(see that? They didn't even have real labels yet! That's why you should watch here starting Sunday morning!)

(that was the floor at the Jessica Cosmetics booth to promote last year's Hologram Chic limited edition duo- how cool is that?? {the floor, not the LE part})

One of my my manis while there- OPI Crown Me Already and a professionals- only wrap by Dashing Diva- I'm sure you could check their website to find a salon near you that do these, because it was really pretty!

Don't judge- I've just been too busy and haven't bought much polish lately- did this little set ever come out? I'm sure it did- but when?

Miles and miles of walking those days, girls!

This year, I'll be covering a lot more than polish and I'm so excited! I can't wait to share it all with you!

My favorite products that came out over the last year- The Jessica holo (wish it hadn't been le) and the Layla holos (wish they had been at Cosmoprof last year!)

What were your favorite products/ polishes from the last year??


moxiereviews said...

I'm really excited for you. I'll look forward to your posts and tweets!! Have a great time! xo

bottlesofpolish said...

Thank you! I did! The social media side didn't go like I hoped but the way it went, I'll be able to share a lot more products and info so it actually works out better! ;)

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