How To Fix A Broken Nail At Home

     Recently, I shared my friend Jen's list of Indie Polish Brands. Even now, I can only begin to imagine the amount hard work and hours dedicated to putting the list together! It's an invaluable reference point for fellow polish lovers- if you missed my post on it, you can check it out HERE and Jen's blog is HERE. (Don't worry, if you click on either link, they'll will open in new windows.)

     Afterwords, I asked Jen if she'd want to do a guest post for me and she said yes. :)

     She asked what I'd like the post to be about. I sent her a list of ideas but made sure to let her know she could write about whatever she'd like- and she came up with a better one than any in my list! A subject I'm sure every lady has asked herself and/or googled at some point (probably in between curse words) - how to fix a broken nail! Here's a HUGE thank you to Jen for writing such a helpful post! 

     Enjoy! If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I am sure Jen will be happy to reply! 

*P.S. - If you have your own way to fix a broken nail- and you're willing to share your secret, please do in the comment section also- I'd love to add a 'Reader's Methods' section to this post, let me know if you are okay with me adding your's to it! Thanks!* 

     Enough of my typing- on to the post! 

"Oh Poo! I broke another nail!"

Not only is this true for me at the time I'm writing, but I quoted it because its a line from a play I was in when I was very young. As soon as I break a nail, this line comes to mind and it makes me giggle. 

Breaking a nail is not really funny, so I'm going to show an easy way to repair it without spending much money or time, and maybe you'll even giggle along with me.  

You'll need:
Toothpick or two
Super Glue/Nail Glue
Coffee Filter, Empty Tea bag, or tissue paper
Base Coat
Top Coat
Medium/Coarse file 
Fine/Extra Fine  file
Protect the surface of your work area
(acetone just in case)

My grandmother was a cosmetology instructor and she taught me this little trick at a very young age. Late June 2012 was the first time I tried it, and it works! I had the nail repair applied for three weeks and two polish changes and it held up really very well. I even trimmed and filed the nail as it grew out.

1. Cut a small piece of coffee filter (this is what I used), tea bag, or tissue paper to cover the break allowing extra on either side of the split, but not touching the skin. The fiberous paper will act as a bandage. 
If you're using tissue paper, I recommend two layers since it is not as strong as a coffee filter or tea bag.

2. Apply a drop of super glue near the split and spread it around with a toothpick. Place the "bandage" on top of the split and pat down with toothpick to saturate. Place a drop or two more of superglue on top of the bandage. Spread it around with the toothpick gently so that the bandage piece becomes saturated.

If the nail tends to pop up or is misaligned, use the toothpick to hold the nail in place until dry. Do not use your own finger as it may adhere!

3. After the superglue/bandage has dried, apply base coat and top coat in several layers to thicken the nail up a bit. Be generous in this phase because next is filing.
I use Gelous and Seche Vite and can recommend those as they have worked well for me. 

4. Once everything is good and dry, check for bumps and lumps. Use your own judgement to determine whether a coarse or medium file needs to be used. Smooth away those bumps and then use the fine or buffing file to smooth it all out. 

5. Apply polish and viola!

6. *When doing a polish change, you'll need to repeat steps three through five.

The below photo is my nail with the repair applied and polished.


This photo was taken during my first polish change, after removing Kitty Glitter polish with acetone remover.

My repair held up really well. I did try to be aware of the nail and baby it a little but I have typed (my day job!), washed my hair, and even scratched an itch with it and it is holding up just like my natural nail.

Have you ever broken a nail and repaired it? What method did you use?


Pony Lauricella said...

That's the same method I've been using for almost 30 years. :)

CreativelyYours said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm sure this will come in handy!

lola said...

Thanks for sharing this-- it is so helpful!

Shelli Zink said...

I've had a "how to repair" post in my drafts for awhile now. Only problem being, I didn't take pics along the way (whoever breaks a nail at a good time?) and I've (knock on wood!) haven't broken one since. I use the same method, I've even used it to create a tip when I sliced half the nail off while chopping veggies:

Before (5/30/12):

After (6/16/12):

It's a strong fix, lasts me more weeks than I need, I have to end up removing and redoing it because when it's at the tip it gets pretty grody.

I want to try using silk wraps the same way, but I haven't gotten around to buying them or breaking a nail yet.

Gia Jurczyk said...

I had silk wraps once or twice. They took a long time to have done and look really before polishing to Jenn's picture! It's good that you haven't broke a nail recently though! I broke part off my thumb nail on vacation last week trying to lower the steering wheel in the rental car. Those dang levers under the steering wheel have gotten me more than once!

Emma Clare said...

I use that exact method! Works great :)

Melanie Snyder said...

I should have tried this again with my toe nail a couple of weeks ago.. instead, I just super glued the crack. It didn't hold, and the nail broke off so now I'm missing a big hunk of toe nail down past the white. Yuck. Really wish I would have thought to do this then :(

Sparkle Core said...

Great post I always grow my nails to a certain length and then they split I hadn't figured out how to fix them properly on my own yet!

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