Jessica Surfer Boyz 'n Berry - I Can't Believe I Like It On Me!

I am so stoked!!! (is that word still in? I am always wanting to use it when writing but don't know if I'll sound like a total dork for using a word that no one.ever.says.anymore.ever.) Cosmoprof North America 2012 is only a few days away, I am covering it again this year and now that I know what to expect, I am so much more prepared! My schedule there is filling up nicely and I *cannot* wait to share all the things I see there!!!!!!

Since I have a billion things to do, I'm just going to share a quick NOTD with you. I have a plum lippies post almost ready also though, so check back for that!

When I opened the Jessica Gelato Mio Collection, this was the polish I immediately told myself wouldn't work on me.

I'm worried now though. I'm not sure if I thought it didn't look bad on me because I have a tiny bit of a tan or if I'm losing perspective. I really hope it's the tan. I don't want to start thinking polishes that look hideous with my skin tone look fine.

 These picture are not really accurate, it's a tiny bit more dusty and a bit more green than the pic shows. It's not an easy color to describe though. It's not a light blue, but it's not a mint green either.

Before I was a polish head, I knew immediately whether a polish worked on me or not. Slowly that's changed and while there are some I still know look terrible, it's pretty rare for me to say, wow, that is the perfect color for my skin - where before it was just obvious to me.

The formula on this polish was really good. I didn't experience any dragging or flow problems and only need 2 coats. I am also always surprised at how shiny Jessica polishes are.

Do you feel like you've lost that sense of just knowing a polish was a great color for you or did you never really feel that way in the first place? Check my Facebook page for more questions on this subject also!


melissa said...

it looks amazing on you!

bottlesofpolish said...

Thanks! I like it more than I thought for sure! It will stay in my collection!

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