Not A Normal Post And A Few Random Pictures

What do you do when you just can't make yourself have a better day?

I love my kitty- look here- he was telling me everything will be okay. This is an old picture but how can you not smile when you see it? (it looks like I had cramps that day- or maybe just a head ache since the medicine is sitting right next to me)

I should be totally stoked (there's that word again- will someone please tell me if I should stop using it?)- I am leaving early Saturday morning for Vegas!

Instead, I've been kind of stressed and overwhelmed. I have to go pack, I'm tired and I don't know what I'm going to do with my hair.

Here's a drawer full of nothing but old China Glaze polishes- it's pretty fun to look at too :)

Sometimes you can't make yourself have a better day no matter what- that's how I felt most of the day. It was one thing after another.

Here's my temporary polish station I set up a few months ago- (right now it has a lot of polish sitting on it and my perfume is now where the picture is)

Writing this made me feel better already. I am going to go in my room now, I'm going to turn on some music- maybe really loud... I'm not sure yet... and start putting some outfits together.

So how do you make yourself feel better when nothing seems to be going right? Even though I'm going to turn on music and writing this made me feel a little better, I would love to hear your tips- they may help me- or even someone else more than our own efforts!


sbs.1956 said...

I hope you're feeling better by now. ;) When I have a day when everything seems off or goes wrong, I spend some time with my kitties. I have 6 of them, so that's a whole lotta love! If it's a really bad day, I find a nap helps, preferably curled up with one or more of the cats! ^^ Hope this helps you. Also getting into a good book, even a children's book, sometimes works. ^^

bottlesofpolish said...

I forgot to add that part- one of those days where you just want to lay down but have so many things to do that it's not an option!

I'm in my room now, eating, packing and listening to the Pandora Station I just made with the name Elton John. The first song to play was 'Someone Saved My Life Tonight. Second Song- Billy Joel Movin' Out. My 2 favorite singers since I was young- just what I needed.

Just the fact that you took the time to reply made me feel so much better and I'm smiling a little as I write this, so thank you. You are so lucky to have 6 kitties!!!!!!!!

The Crafty Angel said...

Awww *hugs*. I definitely go for "pet therapy" when I'm having a bad dog senses it too and tends to want to cuddle. Music is good (our cable provider has music stations so I will blast that for hours). And chocolate never hurts ;) Sometimes putting on a nice scented lotion or perfume, or burning a candle will help (I'm a firm believer in aromatherapy). I'll read, watch a favorite show or movie--and if it's really that bad of a day (and trust me I've had some lately) I will just SLEEP.

I hope you have a fabulous time in Vegas (jealous) and that you are feeling better soon!! xoxo

bottlesofpolish said...

My cat senses it too- totally! And chocolate!!! How could I forget about chocolate?? Thank you! I plan on having a fabulous time in Vegas- and will share as many pictures and as much info (going for Cosmoprof again this year!) as I can here.

Off to bring chocolate back to my room - Thank you!!

Bob Smith said...

First thing I do is not wallow. It's veeery tempting but I make myself get up and take the dog out for a walk. Endorphins help a lot. I do not fixate on what's bothering me, I once drove myself insane trying to find the perfect black skirt..wasn't pretty at all. You did good with the music. I find it really helps the mood lift.

bottlesofpolish said...

You're right- it's hard not to wallow- I don't think I'd call it tempting for me, I just can't see the big picture sometimes to realize what I'm doing. Walking is a great idea too- though sometimes it's too hard to convince yourself to do it when you are already down. The music helped me a lot tonight, thanks!

ADRIANA Andaluz said...

Aww, your cat looks so sweet! I tend to go for kitty cuddles when I"m in a funk. Hope you had a blast at Cosmoprof!

bottlesofpolish said...

It helped a lot to share here and what you and others do helped too, it helped me to know that others get the same way sometimes. Each person that took the time to comment made me feel better and I smiled while writing each reply- even this one days later. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I did have blast at Cosmoprof- thank you! I plan on sharing bunches of it here over the coming weeks!

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