Urban Decay Green Eye Look For Depression Awareness Month And Fighting Depression- Guest Post from TheFabZilla

     Depression is a topic close to my heart. Some years back, I have lost a dear friend because 
of it. Had she opened up to us or to her family, or had we been more sensitive to her signs, 
we could have saved a precious life. Truth is, most people think that depression is a sign of weakness. This is the reason why some who are afflicted with it don't reach out. They are afraid of rejection. They feel unloved and unappreciated. They feel like a complete failure. We think that nobody understands. We. Because I was there once.

     You're not alone my friend. Life is never perfect, it will never be. But WE can always make it better. Reach out. WE are here to listen.

For this smokey green eye makeup, I used Urban Decay Vert for eyelids and lower lash line; Urban Decay Chopper for crease; Urban Decay Oil slick for outer corner; Urban Decay Cherry for brow bone; Laura Mercier black eyeliner for upper lash line.
     Kathryne is the Owner and Editor of TheFabZilla, a beauty, lifestyle and feminism blog. Outside blogging, she's a licensed healthcare professional, a dog mama to an english cocker spaniel, and a domestic diva to a man who supports her multi-faceted passion.

Be sure to check out her blog: and a big thank you to Kathryne for this post. 


natalija.yasmina-blog said...


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Kath TheFabZilla said...

You're welcome! Thanks for sharing.xoxo

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Hi, Are you well?

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Ahad Ammar said...

nice makeup steps, I like and Love Smoky Eyes. great blog.

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